My Friend Flickr


Groan. My apologies for the lame pun.

There is a certain kind of person for whom the internet can be a dangerous thing. I admit, I’m one of them. There’s so much visual information out there that it’s sometimes difficult to avoid being sucked into the vortex. Here’s how you know you have a problem…
can you picture yourself getting jazzed by:

The world of Flickr, “almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world,” is one you may not wish to enter if you’re prone to blowing long stretches of time viewing eye candy of all kinds. Lots of photographers and illustrators have their work on Flickr, and subject matter is broken up into easily searchable albums, galleries, or groups. You can even start a new group for your own obscure (or not so-) interests. You can have “Contacts” whose postings you can follow, you can post comments on your own and other people’s pics, and generally suck up as much time as you like with the social aspects.

It’s really a great tool if you’re doing visual research of any kind… the variety of photo (and now video too) subjects is enormous. I imagine ad agency creative directors or set designers or anyone needing visual inspiration would have plenty to work with here. At times, you might get a creepy feeling as you wonder whether the person who posted the photos meant them to be publicly viewed, but hey, that’s what privacy settings are for, right?

Here are my Flickr photostream and my Flickr favorites.

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