Dear Blank Please Blank


Do you want to get something off your chest, but are too lazy or spineless say it to the person or entity in question? Do you have a snarky comment to share with the world, or maybe a sincere complaint? Are you an up-and-coming jokewriter?

If so, then is the website for you. Fill in the blanks, as in “Dear _____, Please _____. Sincerely, _____.” Then watch as others rate your posting according to “How Dare They,” “Hilarious,” and other categories. Post to your Twitter or Facebook account. Or simply lurk and read everyone else’s postings. Some of them are touching, some lewd, some guffaw-inducing.

Of course, all of this is made easy because of the anonymity (in theory) of the web…but does it change anything to tell off someone anonymously? Is there any release of energy or closure if the person in question never hears the complaint or declaration of love? Maybe that doesn’t matter as much as just unloading. And, like I said, some of these are pretty funny, clearly not the product of tortured souls.