Get Your Mapcrunch On


I’ve found a fascinating site for geography enthusiasts everywhere… or just those in love with the random-on-demand nature of the web: go to Mapcrunch to see random Google map street views from around the world. It’s addicting to keep hitting that “Next” button and see a new panorama unfold before you. Keep in mind that you can also swivel the street view all around, and view what’s up the street or behind you. You also get a pin-on-a-map representation of your view, in case you were wondering where, for example, Gordons Bay, WC, South Africa is.

Here are the first ten places to which I was “teleported:”

It’s pretty interesting to see how with just one snapshot, you can get a flavor of a particular country. You also have the option of confining your search to specific countries. For people like me who are inveterate world atlas skimmers, this is Nirvana.

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