Daytum Me!


Have you ever felt that there’s a whole world of quantifiable information that’s slipping through your fingers every day, never to be recaptured?  If the answer is yes, then have I got a website for you:  Daytum can help you collect and arrange whatever information you choose.  Would you like to keep track of how many cheese-and-pickle vs. ham-and-egg sandwiches you’ve eaten this month?  Wanna see it in a pie-chart?  Woo-hoo!

The site’s layout is very clean but a bit tricky to master — luckily, there are some helpful videos to show you the way — and once you decide on some items or categories to add, it can get addictive.  There are several different ways that you can represent your information – pie-charts, bar graphs, numbers, etc. – and you can fiddle with the spatial layout a bit as well.  Of course, the site is free, but for $4/month they’ll upgrade you to a package with more features.

Part of the fun is checking out other people’s Daytum pages and seeing what information they deem important to chart, and how they display it.  It can even start one to thinking about all these numbers of things floating through our lives, settling down to the ground at the end of each day and accumulating into mounds of numbers.

Why is Talking Heads’ “Lifetime Piling Up” playing in my brain right now?? (To see the Daytum page I’ve started, head over to my daytum page.)