Hey there and welcome, again.

I’ve been building websites for almost two decades, having done my first site to promote a CD of original songs that I performed and recorded. I enjoyed the process so much, even in those early and less “flashy” days of the internet, that I thought it would be cool to make other sites. And get paid for most of them.

I mostly stick to these tools when creating websites: Photoshop/ImageReady, Dreamweaver, and Flash… although with Apple’s now total non-support of Flash in its products, that might be a technology of the past. I enjoy sprinkling in a healthy dose of CSS into the HTML, and if you’re not sure what this means, it just refers to a behind-the-scenes framework that styles the look and behavior of a site, helping it to be more flexible and compact.

Feel free to glide your mouse over to the links on the right hand of the page. Here you’ll find sites that you might like to explore, especially if you’re starting to think about a new website or perhaps changing the one you’ve got. The”D33 on Flickr” bit over on the right-hand margin posts some recent photographs I’ve taken, and the “D33’s Recently Loved” bit below it features some tunes that I recently tagged as being “loved” by me when I was listening to last.fm… I include these things because this is the era of sharing, isn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t be interested in what I’m listening to?