Daytum Me!


Have you ever felt that there’s a whole world of quantifiable information that’s slipping through your fingers every day, never to be recaptured?  If the answer is yes, then have I got a website for you:  Daytum can help you collect and arrange whatever information you choose.  Would you like to keep track of how many cheese-and-pickle vs. ham-and-egg sandwiches you’ve eaten this month?  Wanna see it in a pie-chart?  Woo-hoo!

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Get Your Mapcrunch On


I’ve found a fascinating site for geography enthusiasts everywhere… or just those in love with the random-on-demand nature of the web: go to Mapcrunch to see random Google map street views from around the world. It’s addicting to keep hitting that “Next” button and see a new panorama unfold before you. Keep in mind that you can also swivel the street view all around, and view what’s up the street or behind you. You also get a pin-on-a-map representation of your view, in case you were wondering where, for example, Gordons Bay, WC, South Africa is.

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HTML5 music video


OK, so this video has been out since late summer, but it’s still worth checking out. Popular band Arcade Fire enlisted Director Chris Milk to create the video for their song “We Used to Wait” and he’s done it all in HTML5. What does this mean? Basically, HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the core markup language of the World Wide Web. It includes new tags and behaviors which work behind the scenes to display your web page of choice… and it does so without the use of Flash animation.

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How Small Is Small Enough?


I am old enough to remember the wonder that was the new Sony Walkman personal cassette player. I clearly recall walking down the street in Clinton, NY while listening to a friend’s borrowed Walkman, and marveling at the experience of carrying around my own personal soundtrack. Listening to it lent a hyper-real aspect to everything before my eyes… it was almost trippy.  The Walkman was one of the first mass-market products that allowed people to place a bubble around themselves; by shutting off your ears to the outside world, you’re insulated in the comfortable cocoon of your own music choices.  Continue Reading…

Dear Blank Please Blank


Do you want to get something off your chest, but are too lazy or spineless say it to the person or entity in question? Do you have a snarky comment to share with the world, or maybe a sincere complaint? Are you an up-and-coming jokewriter?

If so, then is the website for you. Continue Reading…

Five Minutes of Top Tweets


Twitter “algorithmically selects and retweets some of the most interesting tweets spreading across Twitter” in its Top Tweets .

Is it sound and fury, signifying nothing, is it white noise, is it a window into our souls, is it mostly disposable but containing the odd nugget of truth? At any given moment, it could be any of these.

Recently, I decided to devote five minutes of my day to monitoring the Top Tweets in the hopes of gaining some… well, I don’t actually know what I was hoping for, but here’s a sampling of what I found: Continue Reading…

Colors Across Cultures

colors in cultures

Everyone associates red, the color of Valentine’s Day, with love… don’t we? Not if we’re Hindu, according to this visualization of Colours In Cultures. Eighty-four concepts and emotions from Anger to Wisdom are placed around a type of cultural color wheel, and placed along its spokes are ten cultures. If you want to see the Native American version of “the blues,” look at #81, “Unhappiness,” and find the place on that spoke for Native American culture. Continue Reading…

How Slick Is Your Workspace?


Let’s face it: many of us spend hours and hours each day sitting at the same desk, plunking away at a keyboard, surrounded by the same stuff, writing, drawing, talking on the phone, doodling, daydreaming, and sometimes actually working. Is there one of us who doesn’t wish his or her workspace was a little bit more flashy or better organized? We can’t all have a corner office on a high floor with a view, but I think it’s true that sitting down to a well-organized and attractive workspace puts one in a better state of mind for work – especially if you’re self-employed, as I am. It helps you feel that yes, you are a grown-up, with impeccable taste and mad skillz to boot. Continue Reading…

Painted On An iPhone


Is this another compelling reason to want an iPhone, or is it just another reason to have one’s head bowed over a piece of handheld technology? If you’re an artist or merely a compulsive doodler, though, it does sound pretty great.

Brushes is a painting application for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you haven’t heard of it by now, it made a buzz shortly after its release when a streetscene painted by Jorge Colombo was featured on the June 1, 2009 New Yorker magazine cover. That made such a splash, it seems, that Continue Reading…

The Grid Goes Down


Sitting in a Panera in Danvers, MA and enjoying the free Wi-Fi, I worry about how dependent we are on the power grid. I’m not alone in thinking that a life off the grid is the way to go, the only sensible response to our increasingly networked age. Maybe webdesigners like myself are more nervous than most in times like these? Is anyone not?

Getting ready to leave the house this morning due to the massive power outtage caused by last night’s hurricane-force winds, I Continue Reading…

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