Colors Across Cultures

colors in cultures

Everyone associates red, the color of Valentine’s Day, with love… don’t we? Not if we’re Hindu, according to this visualization of Colours In Cultures. Eighty-four concepts and emotions from Anger to Wisdom are placed around a type of cultural color wheel, and placed along its spokes are ten cultures. If you want to see the Native American version of “the blues,” look at #81, “Unhappiness,” and find the place on that spoke for Native American culture. Read More

Help Choosing Your Website’s Colors


Colorjack is a website I found recently that can kick-start your quest for the perfect color palette for your website. The opening page features a virtual swatch-wall — hover your mouse over each color to see palette options, or use one of the links on the page’s right-hand margin for more in-depth help. You can explore clashing colors, complementary colors, or several other options, as well as being able to preview your color choices’ accessibility, i.e. how they would appear to the color-blind. Give it a try — it’s a great tool.