Daytum Me!


Have you ever felt that there’s a whole world of quantifiable information that’s slipping through your fingers every day, never to be recaptured?  If the answer is yes, then have I got a website for you:  Daytum can help you collect and arrange whatever information you choose.  Would you like to keep track of how many cheese-and-pickle vs. ham-and-egg sandwiches you’ve eaten this month?  Wanna see it in a pie-chart?  Woo-hoo!

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Get Your Mapcrunch On


I’ve found a fascinating site for geography enthusiasts everywhere… or just those in love with the random-on-demand nature of the web: go to Mapcrunch to see random Google map street views from around the world. It’s addicting to keep hitting that “Next” button and see a new panorama unfold before you. Keep in mind that you can also swivel the street view all around, and view what’s up the street or behind you. You also get a pin-on-a-map representation of your view, in case you were wondering where, for example, Gordons Bay, WC, South Africa is.

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Colors Across Cultures

colors in cultures

Everyone associates red, the color of Valentine’s Day, with love… don’t we? Not if we’re Hindu, according to this visualization of Colours In Cultures. Eighty-four concepts and emotions from Anger to Wisdom are placed around a type of cultural color wheel, and placed along its spokes are ten cultures. If you want to see the Native American version of “the blues,” look at #81, “Unhappiness,” and find the place on that spoke for Native American culture. Read More

Painted On An iPhone


Is this another compelling reason to want an iPhone, or is it just another reason to have one’s head bowed over a piece of handheld technology? If you’re an artist or merely a compulsive doodler, though, it does sound pretty great.

Brushes is a painting application for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you haven’t heard of it by now, it made a buzz shortly after its release when a streetscene painted by Jorge Colombo was featured on the June 1, 2009 New Yorker magazine cover. That made such a splash, it seems, that Read More

My Favorite Font Joint


Need a logo for your business or a new look for your website or brochure? Myfonts is a great place to start poking around the world of fonts, even if you don’t know the difference between a dingbat and a descender. You can try out various fonts according to style and era by entering your text in the handy box, and then purchase the font of your choice… they even have some free fonts as well. Read More

Help Choosing Your Website’s Colors


Colorjack is a website I found recently that can kick-start your quest for the perfect color palette for your website. The opening page features a virtual swatch-wall — hover your mouse over each color to see palette options, or use one of the links on the page’s right-hand margin for more in-depth help. You can explore clashing colors, complementary colors, or several other options, as well as being able to preview your color choices’ accessibility, i.e. how they would appear to the color-blind. Give it a try — it’s a great tool.